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Elo - 2D Barcode Scanner


Improve self-service and price-checker applications when you couple the 2D Barcode scanner with an Elo touchscreen. Change the way your customers interact in-store by deploying a new generation of price-checkers that can run apps and websites, allowing companies to utilize the product for brand messaging and endless aisle applications while maintaining the main purpose as a price checking solution

Dimensions 0.63'' x 4.68'' x 1.15'' / 16mm x 118.9mm x 29.1mm
Weight 0.06 lbs / 0.03 kg
Warranty 3 Years
Resolution 640 x 480
Compatibility I-Series for Android (10, 15, 22) AiO Touchscreen Signage M-Series (1002L, 1502L, 2002L) Touchscreen Monitors IDS 02-Series (3202L, 4202L, 4602L, 5502L) Touchscreen Signage
Barcode Engine N3680 series compact decoded 2D barcode engine
Standard Configuration VCP Mode (USB Serial) with Presentation Mode Enabled
Supported Terminal Modes HID Keyboard USB Serial (COM driver required)

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