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Gemalto CR100

The CR100 Document Reader acquires the codeline data from Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) and other identity documents. Key benefits are :
• Small size
• Desk top mount, Dual Lock™ fasteners for LCD/laptop attachment or bespoke bracket mount options for shelves and PDAs
• Applicable to banking, border control, law enforcement, transportation, hotel, car hire and retail markets

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Dimensions 9.6 cm (3.8”)X3.3 cm (1.3”) - Height : 4.7 cm (1.8”)
Weight 110 g or 4 oz
Warranty 1 Year
Connectivity USB, USB2
System Integration SDK provides reader configuration application SDK includes DLLs and demonstration programs. Support for MS Visual C++® and C#/Visual Basic.NET®, Borland C++ Builder®, Java
Configuration Configurable via USB interface
Regulatory UL and UL-C, CB report - FCC and CE (EMC) - WEEE/REACH/RoHS1
Operating Environment Operating Humidity: 40 to 90% (R.H. non-condensing) Operating Temperature: 5 ºC to 35 ºC (41 ºF to 95 ºF) Storage Humidity: 40 to 95% (R.H. non-condensing) Storage Temperature: -10 º to 60 ºC (14 ºF to 140 ºF)
Model USB powered (no power supply), single interface cable (2m or 15cm options at time of purchase)
Documents Processing · ICAO compliant documents in near infrared (IR) 875nm per ICAO 9303 specification Parts 1-4 · Near ICAO compliant travel documents such as US ID cards · For information on reading other document types (e.g. bankers cheques)

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